10 lessons from 90’s supermodel: Kate Moss

Kate Moss is the epitome of 90’s fashion. So let’s take a look back at some of her most iconic fashion moments.

  1. A couple of diamond pieces can transform your whole evening outfit.


2) A pair of overalls and slick back hair is sometimes all you need for a day out.

Bazaar editorial entitled A Star Is Born, 1994 December.
Bazaar editorial entitled A Star Is Born, 1994 December.

3) Minimalism is key. Pop on some mascara and lip gloss and you’re good to go.


4) Highlighter on your cheeks and glitter on the eyes will get heads to turn.


5) Embrace your inner child with a few braids here to there.

(C) Corrine Day, Kate, 1990

6) Your best friend can be the only accessory you’ll ever need.


7) A little skin never hurt anybody.


8) A bold red lip can do some serious damage.


9) Be a little daring and free the nip!


10) Last but not least, sometimes, you got to go a little goth.



One comment on “10 lessons from 90’s supermodel: Kate Moss”
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