Ways to make a perfect ponytail

Ponytails can get a little bland and boring at times. So here are 5 ways to spice up the way you make your ponytail to slay the day!



Add a little volume, and try teasing your hair from the back to produce a fluffed up ponytail.




A sleek ponytail like Blake Lively’s is a lot easier than it may seem. Just brush your hair back, and add a bit of gel to smooth out any flyaways. Then, finish off with hairspray!




If you have a little more time in the morning, then try a braided ponytail! To get one similar to the picture above, just make a french or dutch braid and connect it to your ponytail at the end.




For a more romanticized look, try a curled ponytail. Whether it’s for date night or the workplace, this hairstyle will surely get heads to turn.


















Citations for Photos





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