Runway Trends: Satin/Metallic

So far, NYFW has been a blast to watch, and one particular trend I’ve noticed is satin. Whether, it’s satin dresses, shirts, coats, or even shoes. Satin is definitely the fabric to watch at fashion week, and I can’t wait to see if London Fashion Week holds similar patterns. I’ve also noticed a lot of metallic colors on the runway. Here are some runway styles I’ve loved, and the shows I’ve really enjoyed watching.


Brandon Maxwell was filled with monochrome silk pieces, and it was both minimal and elegant.


Here’s another piece from the Brandon Maxwell Spring-Summer 2017 collection.


Ralph Lauren also put on an impressive show when he channeled a golden vibe through his clothing.


The Michael Kors Collection also had some spectacular metallic pieces.


The Row was also filled with a lot of solid colors, however, satin was one of the many fabrics used by designers Mary-Kate and Ashley Olson.


Here is another mono-colored maxi dress from The Row Collection.


Oscar De La Renta’s Collection also mixed up their clothes with metallic and satin prints and fabric.


Here is another piece from The Oscar De La Renta collection.

All credit for pictures goes to



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