Glossier Review

Glossier is an up and coming makeup and skincare brand led by Emily Weiss, CEO of Into the Gloss. Their products are divine and amazing for achieving the minimal, dewy look. Here is a list of glossier products that I would definitely recommend 🙂



This is by far my favorite product by Glossier! This is a great alternative to an eyebrow pencil because it is easy to apply and has a lot of pigment. I have extremely black eyebrows so it was hard to find a pigment that was dark enough for my eyebrows, but the boy brow in black was a great fit for my makeup regime!



Haloscope Highlighters

These highlighters are astounding! I have the one in Moonstone and whenever I wear it, it doesn’t give me the glittery look, but instead, it gives me a very glowy and dewy appearance. It is long-lasting and very pigmented 🙂



The Super Serums

These little serums are the perfect package. My personal favorite is Super Pure because it helped me so much with my acne and acne scars! I saw a huge change in my skin (combination skin) after using Super Pure for just 2-3 weeks. I would really recommend Super Pure and Super Bounce for anyone struggling with adult acne and dark blemishes. I’ve used Super Glow for some time and I don’t really see much difference in my skin while using this one, but it certainly is refreshing.



Cloud Paint 

Cloud Paints are cute blushes in tube paint forms. I, so far, have used only dusk and beam, but I have loved them so much! They are pigmented, seamless, and extremely blendable. I have medium skin color, so the dusk shade was extremely pretty as a contouring shade and beam as a coral blush ❤



Invisible Shield

As a not so avid sunscreen user, I was pleasantly surprised by this product. A lot of sunscreens are extremely chalky and not blendable, so when I felt how sheer and lightweight this product was I was very happy that I picked it up. I would recommend this product for everybody because, especially in the summer, it is important to protect your skin from the harsh rays of the sun! 🙂







2 comments on “Glossier Review”
  1. I love this post. I have the cloud paint in puff and I’m obsessed💞 I also use the super pure religiously and helped my scars as well 😊


    1. Sunya S. says:

      thank you and same here!! ❤


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