Ways to Wear Denim

Denim is the official item of fall, so here are some ways to wear the classic texture because denim is here to stay.

  1. Classic Denim Skirt

    I personally love denim skirts because they are so easy to pair with any color and item in your closet.



    Pair a denim skirt with a classic white tee-shirt for a more casual look.


    2. Denim Dress

    The denim dress is perfect for fall, whether it’s maxi or mini, it’s beautiful either way, and even pair it with some tights if it’s cold. Layering is also always good for colder weather, so pair your denim dress with a turtleneck sweater to make it chicer.



    Get this beautiful piece at the reformation :).

    3. Oversized Denim Jacket

    This trend is definitely one of my favorites because not only is it cozy, but it gives a more retro, vintage vibe to your outfit. Oversized jackets were popular in the 90’s and they are definitely making a comeback this year.



    Pair your denim jacket with some jeans for the full denim ensemble.


    4. Boyfriend jeans



    Here’s a throwback to the original style icon Winona pulling off a grunge look with boyfriend jeans, and she pairs it with a graphic t-shirt and a leather jacket.



    Gigi goes for the more clean-cut, chic look with a cropped orange sweater and a (hopefully faux) fur jacket.



    Emily Ratajowski goes a little more casual with her denim but still wears it in style.












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