Empowerment at the Women’s March

Here are some examples of the speeches that I adored at the women’s march:

  1. Viola Davis

Viola Davis is truly our generation’s Wonder Woman. She is the first black woman to achieve the Triple Crown of Acting, star of countless TV Shows and movies, a modern day Diana Ross, and now a revolutionary feminist. Her speech at the 2018 women’s march was not only elegant and beautifully worded, but it was awe-inspiring. Not only did she touch upon the racial issues that have been present in America for centuries, but she told heart-wrenching stories of sex trafficking and sexual assault upon young women.








2. Halsey

Halsey is a talented and empowering musician who shocked the world with her awakening, lyrical speech. Not only did she talk about the truly touching experiences that her friends have gone through, whether that’s with abortions or sexual harassment, she talks about the blatant female discrimination and molestation in the workplace. Even when she felt safe, she knew that she could never escape the sexual predators of the world.






3. Natalie Portman

In her speech, Natalie expresses her gratitude to the women of the world for bringing attention to the #metoo movement and realizing that time’s up for sexual harassment and sexist discrimination within any form of environment. Natalie touches upon some of the ravishing problems that have defaced the standard of life for many women such as blatant sexual remarks that have been normalized by our society. Not only was Natalie calm and poised during her speech, but the frustration and anger with our society’s values were truly portrayed through her words.








4. Scarlett Johansson

Whether Scarlett talked about her trips to the gynecologist office or the political tension currently circulating our lives, she encaptured the audience with her booming voice and words. Scarlett even went as far to call out specific actors who have been accused of sexual misdemeanors such as James Franco.  Not only was Scarlett bold and bright, she was also liberating.






Scarlett at the 2012 Democratic National Convention.








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2 comments on “Empowerment at the Women’s March”
  1. Izabel says:

    woman power! i hope to go one day <3. I'm only 13 but it's my dream to stand up for women's rights 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sunya S. says:

      yay! so glad 🙂


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