Spring 2018 Makeup Trends

  1. The Natural Face

Spring is all about embracing your beauty and channeling your inner etherealย glow. Many runways during the Spring/Summer 2018 fashion runways definitely exuded these qualities in their models. This spring, let your skin breathe and enhance your imperfections with the no-makeup, makeup look.


The mother of makeup, Pat McGrath, uses her new lip fetish to create a fresh, youthful look at Stella McCartney.



Related image
Alexander Wang goes truly minimal by using fresh, cool appearances for the face of his line. Joan Smalls looks absolutely stunning in her neutral, sun-kissed look with the help of makeup artist, Diane Kendal.

2. Blush Overload

Blush has made a comeback, with fresh, rouge cheeks returning to so many runways.



While these rosy cheekbones may look a little extreme, with the right pigments for your skin tone, you can look like a goddess. Blush tends the give women a healthy, fresh look, so why not try out this trend by packing on the color to your cheeks!ย PatMcGrath created this makeup look for the Valentino Spring/Summer 2018 show.ย 



Rihanna really awed the beauty and fashion industry alike with her bold, original take on the Met Gala’s theme. Her beauty was intensified with the saturated pink blush and rouge lips. This is truly one of my favorite makeup looks of all time.



Rihanna transfers her vibrant makeup look to her runway at the Fenty spring/summer 18′ fashion show. This alluring makeup looks perfect on all skin tones and especially looks breathtaking on modelย Vittoria Ceretti.



3. The Pop of Black

At various runway shows, eyeliner was popping and created a sultry look on many of the muses. Tom Ford, Miu Miu, and Fendi are just some of the designers that utilized this timeless technique to create a unique beauty effect.


Image result for tom ford beauty spring 2018
At Tom Ford, Pat McGrath packed on the inky pigment on the models, creating a seductive, mysterious beauty look. Not only does she use a black eyeliner for the eye, but she uses a sparkling one, producing a space-like effect.




Tom Ford
Tom Ford Spring-Summer 2018 Show. Makeup by Pat Mcgrath.ย 



Grace Elizabeth looks magical and futuristic with her bold winged liner created for the Fendi Spring-Summer 2018 show. While you might not want your wing this sharp, this jet-black eye look can look fierce!



Related image
Pat Mcgrath’s makeup creation for Miu Miu’s spring-summer 2018 show is truly reminiscent of the 50’s and the natural yet daring look.ย  Moreover, Aya Jone’s sun-kissed skin tone is enhanced by the magical allure of the inky, wing.


4. Glowing Skin/Highlighting

Glowing skin is not always easy to achieve for those who do not have perfect skins like most models in these runway shows. However, a glowing, healthy makeup look can be created by using the right type of highlighter with strategic placement on the face.

The right highlight can transform your makeup from dull to divine.ย 



Slick Woods is glowing in this campaign for Fenty Beauty! Not only are Rihanna’s highlighters pigmented but the shade ranges are stunning. Not only does it give Slick a fresh look, but it gives her a feminine charm as well.




At Etro, the makeup was truly an epitome of the no-makeup-makeup look. The makeup techniques were so advanced that it makes it look like the model was wearing no makeup, when in fact she had been highlighted and contoured in all the right places of the face. Model, Maria Borges’ glow shines through with the natural highlight that makes her radiate from within.


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