Spring 2018 Makeup Trends

  1. The Natural Face

Many runways during the Spring/Summer 2018 fashion runways definitely went with the no-makeup, makeup look.

Stella McCartney.
Related image
Alexander Wang

2. Blush Overload

PatMcGrath created this makeup look for the Valentino Spring/Summer 2018 show. 

Fenty spring/summer 18′ fashion show.

3. Heavy Black Eyeliner

Image result for tom ford beauty spring 2018
Tom Ford, Pat McGrath.
Tom Ford
Tom Ford Spring-Summer 2018 Show. Makeup by Pat Mcgrath. 
Fendi Spring-Summer 2018 show. 
Related image
Pat Mcgrath- Miu Miu’s spring-summer 2018 show.

4. Highlighter



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